In 2003 we began as a backgrounding facility working with mainly light heifers/steers fed to a finishing weight of about 700 to 800 pounds.  Our operation drove us to open a receiving ranch and hold cattle there for the 1st 60 days before shipping healthy calves over to Dover Rd.  The receiving ranch was very high maintenance with pen riding and doctoring calves all day.
So in 2012 to remain viable, we realized for our ranch, a change in operation was needed.  We were able to see first-hand what was working and what wasn't, and the backgrounding part of our operation, we learned, just wasn't penciling out. We decided to phase out of backgrounding and focus on converting our ranch into a custom feed/grow yard. With combining both our ranch's into one we were able to oversee all of operations and focus on our new business venture.  Our cattle are fed a limited amount of growing ration, twice a day, every day.  Ideally we like our cattle to gain about 2.5 lbs a day. We are able to produce these results by purchasing byproducts easily accessible in our area, such as brewers grain, corn silage & vegetables.  
Cattle Ranch,